Physical Therapy


You can start Physical Therapy at our clinic a few different ways.

  • Doctor Referral - Any Doctor can write you a referral for Physical Therapy. If you have been to a Physician or Chiropractor please bring your referral or previous diagnosis and any imaging report  (XRAY or MRI) with you to your first appointment.
  • Direct Access - New to California, you can now come directly to the Physical Therapist without first seeing a Doctor first. You are allowed 12 visits or a treatment period of 45 days before the plan of care must be approved by a Physician for continuation.
    • ​Some insurance companies may require a referral. We can check your insurance benefits and let you know if this is required by your plan. 


  • Insurance -
    • We take all PPO plans and are currently contracted with Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, BlueCross/BlueShield out of state plans, Cigna & Great West, and Medicare.
    • ​If you have an HMO your insurance will not work at our office.

  • All other PPO insurances you would be considered out of network, but your insurance may still cover some of the charges.
  • Cash Pay - This means you are not using any insurance. We charge $100 per visit. This is 45 minutes one on one with the Physical Therapist.
  • Auto Insurance - If you were in an Auto Accident, you can use your own Auto Insurance if you have Medical Pay. This is an amount that you are allowed for each accident you are in. If you are not at fault, the At Fault Insurance should be covering your bills. 

  • Workers Compensation - We do take Workers Compensation Insurance as long as you already have your authorization from the insurance. This means you have already been to a Workers Comp doctor, and they have already sent in and received a request for amount of visits allowed.

  • Personal Injury/Lien - At this time we are not taking Personal Injury or Liens. If you are working with a lawyer on a settlement, you are welcome to pay our cash rate ($100 per visit) and once you get your settlement, you will be reimbursed.

Personal Training

You are welcome to do physical training at our office for $100 for each visit. 45 minutes one on one with the therapist.

  • If you are a new patient, we would need to asses your physical level and your goals in order to come up with a training plan.
  • If you are a patient that has been discharged from treatment, but would like to continue to see your therapist for further training. This is if you run out of insurance benefits or are coming in for maintenance visits.

Gym Membership 

We offer Gym Memberships to current and discharged patients.

  • If you are a current patient you are encouraged to come in on days when you do not have an appointment to use the equipment or work on your exercises given to you by the therapist. 
  • If you are a discharged patient, but would like to continue to use the equipment and facilities, you can continue to come in during business hours. Membership fee is $20 per month.